Long time no see, blog! It is summer time though, so that means I should get to crafting. Summer tends to lead me to DIYs and designing! I’ve had a long slump, but I went on a europe trip for 2 weeks! It was inspiring! I stepped into this amazing leather bag store in Rome called Il Gancio. They had an array of handmade leather bags. I deeply regret not buying one at the time… but I was packing light! Ahh!


Working on a bag! Live in action!

Click here to


I regret not buying one! I was so close to getting the grey one on the left! :(


So many amazing bags!!


Look at all the tools!!


Also, I had a lot of fun photographing my trip on instagram…If you want to see some of my travel instagram series (sights and food) head over to my tumblr: . I also have a slideshow too, but it is so geeky I’ll keep it to myself for now.snack venture

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July 9, 2014 Uncategorized