Welcome to part 5 of Brainmade holiday! Before we begin, I just wanted to say you can now visit this blog through the URL www.brainmade.co to make it easier! WoooOooOo.

Today I’m going to show you how to make a pair of earrings out of an old zipper. I’ve made these in the past, but it was time to write a quick tutorial for them. I really love these earrings. They are simple and easy to make. If you have any old clothes you are about to throw away with zippers, you can easily swipe one up to make this. I love the look of it because it looks clean and minimal and can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans or a LBD. I think they would make the perfect gift for any friend or family member. You can easily change the look by using a silver zipper or a plastic zipper, changing the length to create a daring look or even add any extra doo dads like feathers. Enough rambling, on to the project!

















Hope you liked it!

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I’ve had more free time lately, so I’ve been able to work on a few projects. A few are still in progress, but today I just finished my skirt!

I have a skirt from ASOS that I really liked and I wanted to recreate it. A while back when Joann’s Fabric in San Ramon was closing they had a 12 patterns for $2 sale so I hoarded a bunch of patterns, and found this great skirt pattern that was super similar. This is the outcome. It was my first time using a very thin fabric. One tip I have is to always use the right size needle, (size 9 for this) so that the fabric works well with it. There are some puckering effects that I’m not happy about but I just wanna twirl around in it so I stopped caring.
In other news, I re-opened my little shop. I haven’t had much time to promote it, but you can check it out here: http://brainmade.storeenvy.com¬†and shop. I only have a few goods on there right now, but plan on adding more and eventually promoting my store more… not sure how to go about that yet but we’ll see. But the big reason I opened my little shop is I got to sell my stuff at Turbo Tea Party in SJ. That was really fun! It motivated me to make more items and get more creative…I’ve developed a long laundry list of items to get through. Lots of drawings to make. Cheers for now.

I was inspired by this image I pinned.

Recently had a bunch of takeout, so I saved a lot of togo boxes. I have more shrinky dink plastic then ever and I dont even know what to make yet haha but for a small go, I made these.


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Work has been busy, so that means less time to make and design stuff for me. A lot of my ideas have been on paper, and I’ve had no time to create anything. I have an idea I’ve been playing around with in my head for awhile though. Hopefully this holiday season will give me a bit of time to work on it.

My last minute halloween costume! I was a paper doll, hehe. I just used some poster board from the dollar store and cut everything out and taped it together. I wore a black dress and then used string to tie the “dress” around my waist. I put the purse on my actual purse, so it was “functioning”. I made hairbows and taped them to my hair ties.
I took some scrap vinyl lying around to make this quick DIY. I was feening for one of these for awhile, and took a break from working for this quick DIY.

Weekends go by too quickly. I have so many ideas and I need to get on them, but the last thing I want to do when I get a break off of work is look at another computer screen for hours…

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