My grey jeans ripped so I couldn’t wear them anymore, and I’ve been wanting to make something out of them for a long time. I’ve been hoarding a lot of fabrics so I decided to make a bucket backpack out of it. I was inspired by a few bags I’ve seen. For this bag I kinda decided to wing it, since I just made a similar style bag. Probably not my best idea, I think I got really really lucky.

old jeans, ripped right in the butt (probably due to the frequent amount of splits I do)
initial sketches, I was going to put pockets in the front, but I ended up with too little fabric.
you can also see another project i am planning out really quickly.
There is a hidden iphone/wallet compartment on the back panel. You can access it without having to unload your bag and open the main compartment. I like that it is hidden on my back so that I can feel safe with my iphone near me at all times but not in a super visible pocket. This feature is something I fell in love with on my incase bag. I used it every day when I was working in the city as I was always grabbing my wallet/clipper card to get in and out of bart.
Another note about this, is that I used all reclaimed material, except for the two zippers. The ladder locks and metal hook came off of some old keychains and things. I keep a lot of random hardware pieces and hoard a lot of fabric. The lining is made of an old t-shirt. I love bright interiors, makes it easier to find stuff!
I hate myself for using my iphone all the time for photos but it is too easy! I think its time to buy a nice camera, I’ve been putting it off for a long time.