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Goodbye 2017, you weren’t perfect but I was able to reach my goal of going to Japan! I visited Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto.
I was often times overwhelmed and overstimulated but I can’t wait to go back. People keep asking me what my next travel adventure will be (To be honest, I’m just trying to save money this year) but I can’t stop thinking about Japan! Maybe I’ll go again!

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Hi. I went to The Broad, Designer Con and explored Los Angeles a bit. Here are some clips. Designer Con was amazing and overwhelming. Can’t wait to go again next year (hopefully!)

designer con + los angeles trip from samantha del rosario on Vimeo.

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polo-shirt Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Left polo from pixiemarket, $30. My polo $3 Old Navy + embroidered patch.

I added a Gudetama face to this one. I’m not happy with the outline, but I think next time I will use a different technique.



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I took this picture of my boyfriend awhile back, and always had this running idea to make him into a Van Gogh. His beard was perfect for the curvey texture of Portrait of a Postman. I did this in Adobe Illustrator. I wish I had more time to work on it and add even more layers of brush work, but alas I just have too many projects on my list! I’m really happy with how well this turned out though, considering I spent about 4 hours on it.

screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-12-41-24-pm chris-van-gogh


When I was in middle school, I downloaded a cracked file of photoshop and got really into making “vector” portraits. It was a thing I did because I joined a lot of message boards online (this sounds so nerdy) but it really reminded me of doing a lot of those back then. I still follow a ton of people that had online websites and did graphics and vectors. Some are incredible designers/artists now, (though I don’t think they remember me).

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I saw these gorgeous Vanessa Mooney Tassel earrings on Nasty Gal and decided to make my own. The original cost $45, versus $3 for floss and earring hooks I had on hand.


Click to see the tutorial!

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I’ve been making a bunch of patches as I’ve been inspired by a lot of bomber jackets with embroidery and sassy logos, they are really fun to make, and the possibilities are endless.


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IMG_0751 IMG_0724
If I find a good bargain on basics I tend to buy a bunch and plan on painting/sewing something extra to make it unique… Took these sweatshirts I had for about a year and decided to update them. I was going to attempt to make instructions but I never finished photographing of them, so here are just some process shots: (CLICK TO READ MORE)

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Long time no see, blog! It is summer time though, so that means I should get to crafting. Summer tends to lead me to DIYs and designing! I’ve had a long slump, but I went on a europe trip for 2 weeks! It was inspiring! I stepped into this amazing leather bag store in Rome called Il Gancio. They had an array of handmade leather bags. I deeply regret not buying one at the time… but I was packing light! Ahh!


Working on a bag! Live in action!

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What is cooler then seeing how it is made? Design school allowed me to take tours of injection molding, vaccuform, and cnc factories. It always makes me question the manufacturing processes behind objects. Recently, I decided to create a visual database of the bag making process. (I cannot take credit for the images, I just sorted them together) I absolutely adore all of the details in the process, it is amazing to see flat objects become shaped into interesting three-dimensional forms. You can view it at

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 12.24.56 AM

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