labor day weekend

After the dinner party and going to downtown sj for South First Friday, I took most of the weekend to have some downtime. I finally had some time to complete a recipe I found on, and try my hand at making ginger ale, which I have yet to try.



A wonderfully rich mushroom sauce with chicken broth, white wine and some herbs… I didn’t have sage on hand so I tried using basil, it came out a little bitter but next time I’ll reduce the sauce more. The parmigiana cheese added that extra something something. Also, who doesn’t love bow tie pasta? I’ve been in love since I was a little girl, when I used to think boys couldn’t eat it… How sexist of me.


My ginger ale sitting comfortably by the window… We’ll have to see if this turns out, I’m afraid it will be a fail, but it literally costs like a buck to make a liter each.

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September 8, 2010 Uncategorized