Awhile back my friend had leftover fabric and left some for me. It was very bright yellow. I had no idea what to do with it, and kept it for several months.


I shopped around online for clothes in the color yellow to inspire my hunt. I fell in love with this dress, but I realized the reason why I liked it was the mustard color. So I dyed the fabric with a dark brown dye… only for it to turn out like a gross muddy army green. It looked ugly and discouraged me from moving forward with the pattern… So I tried again, only this time using bleach to lighten the color up a bit… and it turned into a lovely mustard color! Thank you bleach! I then started down the long road of making the dress, using the same princess seam pattern from my last refashion. I’m not usually one to start from scratch. I like to buy things and take it in there, shorten it a bit here… but i felt that a circle skirt is easy enough to try out.


It took me all weekend to figure out but I’m so happy with it. I had trouble with the armpit fitting so I had to pin and repin. Every day I try to research and look up sewing tutorials just to keep myself inspired and understand how to finish a dress so that it looks professional. The inside is a hot mess though as I haven’t finished all the seams properly, but since its a knit material, I don’t have to! And yesterday I bought this lovely belt at target for $5.

See that pink fabric in the back? Eventually it’ll turn into something… I hope. Coming soon.

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August 13, 2012 clothing, diy