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Today I had hard boiled eggs with fleur de sel and pepper on top. I think I’m going to buy more gourmet salts now, because it just adds a little something special to my meals.

School begins tomorrow, which means more posts about working around my school budget, and more posts with my not so great camera phone! Here is the last of being spoiled with great food at home:

Chai Cola – It reminded me of root beer, but was much more tolerable (I despise Root Beer!) with amazing notes. I want to try the other flavors, like this mint mojito soda.

tabbouleh, hummus, mini pitas and dolma (stuffed grape leaves) I was trying to be healthy at whole foods… Greek food is amazing and tasty full of nutrients.



Went to sideboard (again) with my mom for breakfast. (Huevos Rancheros, French Toast with chantilly cream, croque madam sideboard style with a bacon cheddar scone, ham, eggs and gruyere.)

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August 25, 2010 Uncategorized