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The past few days I have been celebrating birthdays, one including going out for a drink at Singlebarrel in San Jose, CA. This bar does it a little differently, you go up to this guy at a door dressed like a newsboy and he lets you in down to this speakeasy style bar. The bartenders inside ask you what kind of flavors you want in your drink, and they make you one of their specialties. I had a lot of fun, as it was a very chill place… The price was stiff ($10 a drink) but it was worth checking out.


I got an English Cosmo… from what I remember he muddled cucumbers together and added some sort of liqour (I believe gin) and some lime and simple syrup. I wish I was paying closer attention, because it was DELICIOUS!


Yesterday I cooked a feast for a bunch of my friends, as it was Trevor’s 20th birthday. I had given him a list of different restaurants to go to but last minute offered to cook. He chose that, and then we decided on a traditional steak dinner. A big thanks to Joe and Alyssa for helping prep! (and thanks to Chris as well for helping move stuff around)



this ciabatta bread from costco was really cheap, and it saved me while I was broiling the steaks… that +oliveoil and balsamic make a good appetizer while your guests are waiting! Super cheap as well!



The MONEY SHOT: Homemade Cesar Dressing + Romaine, Corn with oven roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions and goat cheese, the steak, and a roasted garlic mash.

I asked everyone to help me out with the groceries (as we’re not all made of money) and all of that food (plenty of leftovers that I gave to the Birthday Boy!) cost only $7 a person! Thank you Costco and Trader Joes for making my life easier.

Obviously later in the year I won’t have as much time cooking, but I had a lot of fun even though it was a lot of work. Good food and good company really make a great party, can’t wait to do another one!

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